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Tak Taku Guest house

Iran is a country that is blessed with diverse cultures, historical wonders and beautiful natural scenery. It's a unique place to travel that has yet to be spoilt by an influx of tourists. To experience the authentic side of Iran and get to know the intricacies of its different cultures, stay at a guest house.

The guest house it's an affordable option no matter what your traveling style that will get you exploring local cuisines, traditions and Iran's untouched landscape.

Here's why you should stay at a guest house in Iran as well as our top picks around the country:

Why You Should Stay in a Guest house

It is an authentic way to experience Iran's culture and natural beauty by staying with locals, supporting their businesses and learning about their customs.

The Best Guest houses in Iran


1. Keykhosro House

Keykhosro is an eco-guest house located in southern Kerman province. It's the perfect choice for culture vultures who want to stay in the heart of this historic city.

Inside, there are three traditional mattresses and a shared bathroom. The guest house is beautifully decorated and is situated next to the Zoroastrian Temple. If you want to visit other historical places in the city, like the Ganjali Khan complex, it's only a 15-minute walk, and there are plenty of restaurants in the area as well.

keykhosro house


2. Haj Malek Hotel

Located in the center of Iran, Haj Malek Hotel is the only residential complex in Meybod that dates back to the Qajar dynasty.

Each of the hotel's nine rooms are named after the weaving patterns of Ziloo, a local handmade carpet. Inside you'll find a beautiful traditional Iranian decor accented with crafts from the local Yazdi people.

Haj Malek also offers its guests the opportunity to taste traditional Yazdi and Iranian dishes, which adds to its authentic atmosphere.

The hotel is also nearby many of Meybod’s famous sites, including the ancient Narin Castle.

haj malek hotel


3. Tak-Taku Guest house

Taku-Taku is a beautifully restored guest house located in the village of Toodeshk Cho, Isfahan. Back in the day, it used to bustling with caravans and camels making their way along the Silk Road.

Today, the city is a hot spot to explore Persian culture, and it's dramatic mountain landscape.

The guest house is located in the oldest part of Toudeskh and is surrounded by a beautiful mosque and traditional hammam.

Inside, the decor pays homage to the city's heritage, and you'll be invited to taste some delicious home-cooked food. It's the perfect opportunity to experience traditional Iranian family life, and explore the city's ancient past.

tak-taku guest house

4. Savushun Guest house

Savushun is a traditional guest house in the historical city of Shiraz. The house was built in the Qajar period and once belonged to the Qavam Al saltaneh family.

The rooms inside the guest house are decorated with beautiful Qajar paintings and traditional objects. There is also a beautiful courtyard with traditional couches where you can relax during the day or in the evening.

If you want to explore Shiraz's many famous sites, you won't have to go far. The Vakil mosque, Nasir Ol Molk Mosque, Narenjestan and zinat home are all within walking distance from Savushun.

savushun guest house


5. Nartitee

Nartitee is a guest house surrounded by pomegranate gardens in the Zoroastrian neighborhood of Taft, Yazd. The house is over 100 years old and pays testament to the 2,500-year-old culture with each room dedicated to specific tradition or event.

While here, you may be fortunate to witness one of the Zoroastrian ceremonies or you can take part in one of the recommended tours. You'll be able to visit key historical sites and in autumn, join the locals for pomegranate harvesting.