by Lauren on 15 Feb 2017

iranian visa on arrival

Getting to Iran is not as hard as one might think. Since 2015, the country has been doing it's best to bolster up tourism and return to its glory days by achieving its goal of 20 million yearly visitors by 2015.

So if you are planning to visit this beautiful middle eastern country, you will be happy to know that qualifying for a VOA is fast and easy. Here is a quick guide on everything you need to know about getting your Iranian visa on arrival.

Who Qualifies For an Iranian Visa on Arrival?

Almost everyone. In February 2016, the Iranian government announced that 180 countries would be eligible for a 30-day visa on arrival.

If you are from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bolivia, Egypt or Syria, you can stay even longer with a 90-day visa. 

Sadly, if you are from the following countries you will not be eligible for a visa on arrival and will need to arrange your visa through the Iranian embassy ahead of time:


  • The United States

  • Britain

  • Canada

  • Columbia

  • Bangladesh

  • Jordan

  • India

  • Afghanistan

  • Pakistan

  • Somalia


These pre-arranged visas work the same as VOA except that they require a letter of invitation from an Iranian tour company.

Travellers from the United States, Britain and Canada are also required to be accompanied by an official tour guide throughout their entire trip.

No Evidence of Travel To Israel

If you are an Israeli national or have an Israeli stamp in your passport, you will not be granted entry into Iran. This ban includes any land border entry stamps into Jordan, Lebanon or Egypt from Israel.

To avoid any hassles or disappointments at the border, it's best to apply for a new passport or apply for a visa in person before you arrive.

Where Can You Apply For An Iran Visa on Arrival?

Travellers can get their VOA at the following international airports: 

  • Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport

  • Tehran Mehrabad Airport

  • Mashhad Airport

  • Shiraz Airport

  • Tabriz Airport

  • Isfahan Airport

What Documentation Do You Need For an Iranian Visa on Arrival?


1. Proof of accommodation

Print out your hotel or hostel booking and make sure it has the phone number for immigration to call and verify you are staying there.

2. Travel insurance

Having travel insurance for your trip to Iran is mandatory. You can either prearrange with sites like World Nomads or buy on arrival at the airport.

3. Money for your Visa

Travellers will need anywhere between $50-$200 in cash to pay for their visa on arrival and travel insurance if required. You can find an updated list of visa stamp prices for your nationality on the Iranian visa website.

4. Photocopies of your passport

While this is not a necessity, it's always good to have a few copies of your passport photo page for immigration just in case.

5. Passport photos

For female travellers, you should follow Iran's official Islamic dress code and wear a headscarf in your picture. If you don't have a photo that adheres to this code, your visa won't have a photo.

6. Itinerary

Although not a steadfast requirement, sometimes immigration want to you know what you will be doing in Iran. So to be on the safe side, print out a rough itinerary.

There you have it, a quick guide on how to get your visa on arrival for Iran. All that's left to do now is get your paperwork in order, hop on a plane and enjoy your time in this beautiful and unique country!