by on 07 Dec 2016

InnIran now ready for bookings

Welcome to Inn Iran – a brand new online accommodation booking system exclusive to independent travel in Iran. Our hand-selected properties are for curious travellers looking for the ultimate local experience, all across the country.

Want to rent an entire apartment or a hotel style room in a traditional home in several cities across Iran? In Tehran, Shemshak, Kashan, Abyaneh, Yazd, Isfahan and Shiraz we are pioneering the concept of ‘home stays’, meaning travellers get to experience the real hospitality of Iran, while boosting local income.

Numbers of visitors to Iran are increasing year-on-year, and we too are trying to shift the negative perceptions of the country, which has pushed travellers able to travel without restrictions into tour groups. So while nationality injunctions remain in place for some (American, British and Canadian citizens), we are hoping to bridge the gap between the media perception and what’s actually happening on the ground.

We are not only going to provide destination articles and insider tips to help with your pre-planning, but facilitate meaningful interaction with locals when you are there. Our properties can be pre-paid* and known hosts can accommodate you on their own sightseeing tours, indulge you with the famous Iranian hospitality, or simply provide a helping hand with your own itinerary.

You will leave with a different picture of Persia.

Where will your Inn Iran story begin?

*Prices start from €46 per night and can be pre-paid