Is it safe to travel to Iran? Everything You Need To Know

Ever since Iran's historic nuclear deal and relaxed visa restrictions, the country has seen a boom in tourism.

by on 06 Sep 2017

City of Kerman

Surrounded by dramatic desert and mountain scenery, the ancient city of Kerman is a beautiful blend of history and a rich cultural heritage. Dating back to the third century, Kerman made a name for itself with its elaborate carpet designs that are still sought after today.

by on 30 Jun 2017

City of Hamadan

It's not often that you can say you have visited one of the ancient world's greatest cities. Dubbed the capital of Persian civilisation and culture, the city of Hamadan is one of the oldest centres in Iran and the world. Located at the foot of the Alvand Mountain and once part of the Silk Road, a visit here will take you back in time and let you explore Hamadan's glory days.Top 5 Things To Do in Hamadan

by on 30 Jun 2017

4 Things you need to know about visiting Iran

If you think Iran is nothing more than a sweltering desert - think again.

by on 03 Feb 2017

Off the Beaten Track

If you love nature and love discovery off the beaten track there are many places you can visit during your trip to Iran. There are quite a few small and niche adventure travel companies which we can recommend.

by on 01 Oct 2016

Dos and Don'ts in Iran

One of the key things to know about before traveling to Iran is that Iran is an Islamic country and there are quite some differences in rules and regulations that one should be aware of before packing his or her suitcase.

by on 01 Oct 2016

Good to Know Before You Travel to Iran

Most people travelling to Iran have many questions and some per-conceived ideas which we have tried to address in this section.

by on 01 Oct 2016