by on 27 Jan 2017

5 Reasons Iran should be at the top of your Skiing Bucket List

Iran is the cultural hub of the middle east with its unique architecture art and religious beliefs. But this country is becoming known for something else - skiing.

While the country isn't the first destination that comes to mind for powder hounds, more and more travellers are starting to discover Iran's best-kept secret. Iran is home to three popular ski resorts Dizin, Shemshak and Darbandsar.

All three slopes are rapidly becoming the choice for those who are keen to get away from the crowds and experience breathtaking altitude, perfect conditions and the adrenaline inducing terrain.

Here are five reasons why Iran should be at the top of your skiing bucket list!

1. The Amazing Resort Skiing at Dizin

In just two short hours, you can find yourself on the slopes of Iran's premier ski resort - Dizin. It is one of three ski resorts in Iran with a shred spot boasts a 3,116 vertical drop and skiing season runs from late November to the end of may. The Dizin ski resort’s base sits at 9,000 feet above sea level making it the 40th highest in the world and dwarfing many Alpine resorts. It also boasts three gondolas and 12 chair lifts running up to 12,000 feet that serve 1,158 acres of prime skiing real estate.

2. There Are No Crowds

With many westerners still associating Iran with a horde of stereotypes, foreign crowds are still relatively thin. However, that fact is changing rapidly with relaxed visa requirements and FCO advice which means more travellers are skiing in Iran. Instead of hitting up the usual locations this season, ditch the crowds at the Alps and enjoy the freedom of virtually no destination skiers clogging up your tram line.

3. It's Cheap

Sick of how expensive skiing has become elsewhere in the world? Ski in Iran and get used to spending no more than $30 to have unlimited all day access to the mountain.

Don't have your own gear? While it's never a bad idea to bring your own, if you're a beginner or just want to practice, you can hire out equipment packages for as little as $20 per day from either Dizin, Shemshak and or Darbandsar.

And if you get hungry, lunch will only cost you about $5-10.

4. Experience Iran’s Deep Powder

The Dizin Ski Resort sees over 275" of snow every year and has an in-bound terrain with numerous natural features and powder. Brace yourself for your drool-worthy ridges and endless peaks, valleys, drops and overhangs.

With locals preferring to stick to marked runs and the resort remaining quite empty during the week, it means avid skiers will find little competition and a whole mountain to plough for days.5. 

5. Iranian Hospitality

One of the best parts about skiing in Iran is the experience. Apart from the ski resorts, travellers will also be able to experience why Persians are often called the most hospitable people on Earth.

It's not unusual to meet people on the street and have them invite you over for tea or dinner. This kind of hospitality is not the norm and certainly, adds to the charm of skiing in this lesser known destination.

So what are you waiting for? Book that ticket to Iran and put your skills to the test on the heart palpitating terrain of the Iranian alps! One thing is for sure; you're in for one hell of an adventure.