by Lauren on 09 Apr 2017

Luxury Travel

With sanctions against Iran lifted, curiosity among luxury travellers is growing. With a more liberal government, relations between the West have improved, and Iran has been hailed as a must-visit luxury travel destination.

The country provides a culturally enriching experience, with hints of luxury from its new boutique hotels to its beautiful Persian Gardens and breathtaking historical sites.

Here are three reasons why Iran is set to become the world's next must-visit luxury travel destination.

3 Reasons that Made Iran the Next Big Luxury Travel Destination

Demand for Luxury Travel is on the Rise

In 2015, Golden Eagle Luxury Trains responded to the demand for luxury travel in Iran with its Jewels of Persia trip. The fifteen-day tour sold out in three weeks and showed just how hungry the market is for exploring Iran in style.

The government hopes that the allure of Shiraz's gardens, Iran's ski resorts in the Alborz and the 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites combined with the growing number of luxury tour operates will increase tourism numbers over the next decade.

Stay in Luxury 5-Star Hotels or Intimate Boutique Accommodation

Iran's government hopes to increase its annual visitor numbers to 20 million by 2025. One of the ways the country hopes to achieve this goal is its current project of building 125 luxury hotels. It is hoped that by having five-star hotels like the Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran, it will attract millions of luxury travellers who want to experience Iranian culture and sites.

For travellers looking to stay in luxury outside of large hotel chains, many beautiful boutique holiday apartments are available. Browse InnIran's list and discover apartments in major tourist destinations such as Tehran and Esfahan that come with property features like a gym, pool and free Wi-Fi.

Luxury Travel Bloggers & Magazines Are Raving About Iran

From the Luxe Insider to Signature Luxury Travel, bloggers and journalists alike are raving about Iran's potential to be the next big luxury travel destination.

"Iran about the most rewarding, the most enriching, the most intoxicating (not in that way, obviously) destination I’ve ever had the immense pleasure to visit." says Tom Barber, from A Luxury Travel Blog.

"I could watch elegant tourists from Italy and Switzerland stroll past the granite columns and sculptures to explore the streets of Tehran, a scene that would have been unusual even a year ago but is now part of the everyday tableau," says Amy Guttman, editor of The Hotel Culture

With more and more influential bloggers and journalists visiting Iran and writing favourable reviews, it is only a matter of time before their readers follow suit and add this former Persian empire to the top of their luxury travel bucket list.

And with the country enjoying double-digit growth for three years in a row - it is clearly working.

World Class Skiing in Iran

For luxury travellers who are fed up with the long queues at popular European resorts - head to Iran. The skiing at Dizin dwarves many Alpine resorts, it is the 40th highest in the world standing at 9,000 feet above sea level. And if you are a luxury traveller on a budget, skiing here will only set you back $30 a day for unlimited access and just $20 per day for equipment rental.

The best part? It is only a 2-hour drive from the capital of Tehran making the perfect day trip for skiing enthusiasts.

Iran as a luxury travel vacation has countless things to offer a curious traveller. It's an indulgence of the sense and for those who are interested in the finer things like beautiful accommodation, fine dining, art and history - Iran has all this and more.

Will you be visiting Iran in 2017?