by Rea on 05 Apr 2017


Parkingallery Projects in collaboration with Aaran Gallery, Rooberoo Mansion, Polish Embassy in Tehran & New Media Society Presents

LIMITED ACCESS 7 : International Festival for Moving Images, Sound & Performance

April 7-12,2017

Closing Event: Rooberoo Mansion

April 14,2017           

Venues: Aaran Gallery, Rooberoo Mansion, Aaran Projects, New Media Projects

Curators: Rambod Vala, Pouria Jahanshad, Amirali Ghasemi, Leonie Roessler, Helia Hamedani, Pooya Abbasian, Sohrab Kashani, Dafne Narvaez Berlfein, Magdalena Ziolkowska

Limited Access Forum 7, will show case latest from the vibrant and often unseen Video art scene of Iran

Other programs are:

Art, City and the Politics- Curated by Pouria Jahanshad, Researcher of interdisciplinary studies between movie and contemporary art & director of Fresh Documentary Event Group.

Sentimental Punk - Curated by Dafne Narvaez Berlfein

Procedures of Everyday Practice - Curated by Magdalena Ziółkowska

Remote Homecoming Chapter Two - Curated by Amirali Ghasemi

From Parking Video Library. 

Remote Homecoming is a platform designed to bring videos made by Iranians across the border remotely back home, and to bridge the gap between so called “inside” and “outside”.

From Here to There - Curated by Leonie Roessler

A playlist of recent electronic works from artists who are playing the field now. True diversity in sound and heritage - Iranian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Irish - to name a few. Made of real sounds and artificial ones, ranging from direct to sharp to static to quickly moving to grand to elusive... 

Compiled for Limited Access 7, to be heard in concert and then as an ongoing installation.

Re-visit; Early Iranian Videos from 90s - Curated by Parking video library

Re-visit tries to showcase some early examples of Iranian video art from mid 90s to 00s.This research-screening overlooks at a decade of this rather emerging practice in the context of reappearing the term “Iranian contemporary art

Afterimage - Curated by Rambod Vala

Untitled, An Animation program - Curated by Pooya Abbasian      

Parallel program - Pejman Foundation: 

Shattered Frames: Recent video work from Iran - Curated by Sohrab Kashani In collaboration with Conflict Kitchen and the Center for the Arts in Society at Carnegie Mellon University.