Ro Nature - Adventure Tourism in Iran

As the travel restrictions in the country are lifted, more travelers are finding reasons to visit the country and explore the natural and man-made glories that abound in Iran.

The most adventurous travelers are taking no time to see the natural wonders in the place. And to be of assistance for those who want to have a first-hand experience of the adventure tourism in Iran, RO is on the move with a well-equipped and eco-friendly safari team, exploring pristine routes and untouched deserts and mountains of Iran.


What is Ro Nature?


RO is composed of safari experts, adventurers and tour guides in Iran who have pioneered the explorations in some of Iran’s most pristine deserts and mountains.

Ro Nature has already organized more than 180 eco-friendly safari adventures since 2009, allowing visitors to go deep into the heart of nature in Iran. Its years of experience in sustainably exploring the country’s diverse nature and culture have made the way for the discovery of unique campsites, viewpoints and routes that all tantamount to the most authentic travel experiences.


Adventure Tourism in Iran


Iran is a dream destination for travelers and explorers. Until today, most tourists only visit main cities like Isfahan and Shiraz. The variety of its nature and culture, however, give our country the potential to be a destination for different types of visitors. From the vast mega-dunes deserts of Lut to the Hyrcanian Jungles by the Caspian Sea in the Alborz mountain range, from elevations of -28m below sea level to the 5671m peak of Mount Damavand - all offer routes for new kinds of journeys for tourists who enjoy nature.


RoNature Adventure Tourism Highlights


- Glimpse of Lut and Central Desert with four main cities of Iran 21 Day

- Rig-e Jen Expedition 4 Day

- Iran above 3000 meters 1 to 10 Day

- Damavand and lar protected area 1 to 2 Day


Prices range from 120 - 150 USD per Day/Person

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