Persian Food - A Taste of Iran

Iranian food differs from other Middle Eastern cuisine.

It is exotic but quite familiar. You can find all the ingredients at your local store: saffron, turmeric, beans, rice, pulses, vegetables and fruits.

The interesting thing about Persian food is the play of flavors. There are lots of vibrant herbs and nuts – but the style remains very delicate in Persian food. There are no chilies, and no overuse of spices. You might enjoy a dish with pomegranates and walnuts, or orange with chicken and cinnamon.  You will be accustomed to the basic ingredients, but they will be put together in a unique way that makes each dish really spectacular.

A Closer Look into Persian Food

Persian food is defined by its play of flavors and you will notice that there are certain dishes that complete an Iranian meal, namely: rice or chelow, grilled meat or kabobs, and Persian stew or khoresh.

To help you gain better understanding about Persian food and cuisine, here’s a closer look into the most famous Persian dishes.

1. Rice

In Persian cuisine, rice can be the usual saffron being served, but it can also “jeweled” which is a variation of rice that is extremely colorful and shows resemblance with rubies and diamonds.

2. Kabobs

One of the most popular Persian food, kabobs are composed of a range of meat, combined with onions, fruits, nuts, and other grains.

3. Persian Stew

This is a type of Persian food that combines various meats including poultry, fish, or other red meats which is mixed with vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts. Persian stew is simmered slowly for a minimum of 10 hours. What’s great is that it has a vegetarian version which is  served with spinach, peas, zucchini, celery and lentils.

4. Iranian Breads

Persian cuisine offers you a huge selection of Iranian breads that anyone who travels to the place must try. Iranian breads include Taftoon, Sangak and Barbari (which is originally from the Turkish region of Iran).

5. Tah Dig

Another delicacy not to miss is called "Tah dig" which can be translated to "Bottom of the saucepan". This is the crispy rice which forms at the bottom of the pan when you cook rice. This Persian food comes in different varieties and using safran combined with bread, yogurt or sliced potatoes are the most popular ones.

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