Iran is in the midst of a shopping mall boom, as shopping has become almost compulsory form many Iranians.

While traditional bazaars are still the way to go for a lot of young people, there are already modern shopping malls across the country that give them a tough competition, particularly in the country’s capital, Tehran.


What You Must Know About Shopping in Tehran

The Grand Bazaar in Tehran is the capital’s main shopping area. It has a maze of alleys and storefronts where shoppers can bargain great finds, including jewelry, souvenirs, rugs and more. Furthermore, the bazaar offers goods that range from the cheapest and the most expensive ones making it easier to reach out to a wide range of consumers.


The Shops in Tehran

While the bazaar remains to be a popular choice for many Iranians,  Tehran is also booming with western-style shopping malls with the likes of the Golestan Shopping Center and Tirajeh Shopping Center. People in the city can easily find items from international brands, as well as from the local stores.


Featured below are some of the top shops to visits when shopping in Tehran:


Zeeen shop – A lifestyle store

Our style is a collection of our choices, and our choices represent our personality and emotions. Zeen knows all about artists’ styles and tastes, searches for it, and makes it available to art lovers thus bridging the gap between the artist and their audience.

The Home collection ranges from rugs and carpets, tableware to home accessories. You can also find some hand made designer jewellery very nicely displayed in the store.

Address: Zaferanieh, Moghades Ardebili, Palladium shopping centre, Unit 101


Noor Gallery – Designer jewellery

Life has its moments, make them unforgettable with Roya Noebashari’s unique jewelry collection incorporating precious gemstones and diamonds sourced from the four corners of the world.

The works, timeless at their core, are crafted with a contemporary twist – embodying the ethos of her art. Serving a diverse fashion forward clientele, the gallery has become a premiere go-to destination for anyone looking to make a statement. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted to evoke a divine aura of unparalleled femininity the likes of which can only be found at the one and only Noor Gallery.

Phone number: +98 21 226 54803

Address: 2808 Vali-e-Asr Avenue, Tehran


Tir o Takhteh – Home Accessories

We love this little colourful shop in heart of the city, right close to the museums.

Tir o Takhteh is the point where the Iranian heritage is intercepted with the modern designs. Tir o Takhteh is has a modern twist on old style Persian furniture. Rebuilding the old style table and chairs with modern cloth, hunting small decorative furniture that can make an eye-catching impact in your apartment's inertial design. Fully handcrafted dishes, oldish glazed pots, colorful bottles sealed with cork, and carboys that will create a mysterious and unique setup on your dining tables... These elements are found in different locations of Iran, we rebuild them with patience and precision, so we can create an outstanding item for you.

Phone number: +98 21 888 60439

Address: no. 48, kalantari st, iranshahr st, karimkhan st, Tehran

Shopping in Tehran presents the most precious finds and amazing bargains that made the city a haven for shoppers.

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