The Ultimate Guide to the City of Tehran

The city of Tehran is Iran's capital city and is hugged by the beautiful Alborz Mountains. While at first glance it appears to be just another concrete jungle, once you start scratching the city's surface, you'll realise how much it has to offer.

by on 26 Sep 2017

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Shopping in Tehran

Shopping in Tehran has come a long way since 10 years ago. Nowadays you can shop in the old city centre such as the Manouchehri st. which is "The place" for antiques and also find yourself in modern and arty shops such as Zeen in uptown Dubai style shopping malls.

by on 22 Sep 2016

The Art Scene in Tehran

There are many cultural activities you can do while in Teharn. The Art gallery scene is quite popular with many up and coming young Iranian artists raising Iranian Art profile in the Middle East and also worldwide. Some artists works like Moshiri's can fetch up to 100,000 US $. We have hand selected a few for you.

by on 03 Sep 2016

Where to Eat in Tehran

More and more modern restaurants have been opening in Tehran during the past 5 years. You can choose from a wide range of international food to traditional Persian food in different areas of Tehran. Although the more high-end and international cuisines are concentrated in the north of Tehran (up town).

by on 03 Sep 2016

Sightseeing in Tehran

Darya-e Noor
When it comes to diamonds, the Darya-e Noor, which translates to ‘”sea of light,” is one of the most celebrated pieces among the Persian Crown Jewels. Mounted on an elaborate frame, the 186-carat pale pink, table-cut diamond is also considered to be one of the largest cut pink diamonds in the world.

by on 02 Sep 2016

Iran through the eyes of Homa

A Photography exhibition at Tehran's Niavaran Cultural Centre from 24th September till 1st October. A pioneer in aerial photography, Georg Gerster, captured stunning images of 1970s Iran from the air, explains how he came to undertake such a perilous and rewarding photographic journey.

by Rea on 21 Jun 2016