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Planning a trip to Tehran?

Aside from finding the best sights and attraction, and booking your accommodation in Tehran, one thing that you should pay attention to is where to eat? Nothing completes a travel experience than having a wonderful experience in the places you visit and satisfying your stomach.

The city of Tehran has an intriguing combination of ancient and modern culture, which is also depicted in its dining scene. Whether you’re craving for the traditional Persian food or if you want to taste the contemporary, the city is bustling with the finest Persian restaurants and cafes that suit all tastes.

To guide you further on where to eat when in Tehran, here’s a food lover’s guide that lists down the go-to places that will treat you to a unique and satisfying culinary experience while visiting the city.


A Food Lover’s Guide to Finding Where to Eat in Tehran


Café Naderi

The Nadeiri was built in 1929, and listed as a historical monument.  This site was once the best place to party in Tehran (look for the bandstand and dance floor in the overgrown back yard).

Underneath the Hotel Naderi, this historic cafe has long been a favourite of intellectuals and artists. The cafe fare is limited to Turkish and French coffee and perhaps a pastry or two, but the adjoining restaurant has a full menu and is known by generations of Tehranis for its chateaubriand.

Phone number: +98 21 6675 8293

Address: Ferdowsi Ave, Tehran


Chai Bar Cafe

Looking for an excellent cup of coffee? Don't miss this coffee house. When you go, be sure to try either a flavoured espresso or a single-brew cup of coffee to see just how good java can be. Not a coffee drinker? Don't worry.  Check out their large assortment of aromatic tea leaves.

If you're looking for lunch, try the tandoori chicken, or the cheese steak sandwich.

Phone number: +98 2122210313

Address: 145 Salimi street north | Andarzgoo, Tehran, Iran

Le Cafe de Gole Rezaieh 

Right across from the Glassware Museum is where your authentic Persian lunch is waiting for you. Le Cafe de Gole Rezaieh smells like what I imagine the scent of heaven to be. Its simple and cozy design is appealing, with lots of photographs covering all the walls and hearty food being prepared in the kitchen. Everything is very good, but they’re known for their gheymeh, a stew of meat, lentils, and potatoes served over white rice. Iranians usually eat a late lunch, which means you can visit some of the museums before stopping by. They serve from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.

     Address: Across from Glass & Ceramics Museum30 Tir St., Tehran


Akbar Mashti

Iranian ice cream and faloudeh

Iranians give a whole new meaning to the term “ice cream sandwich”. Taking saffron to a new level, this common dessert is a creamy, custard-based saffron ice cream. Served between thin wafers and sprinkled with pistachios, it’s a unique and delicious ice cream treat.

     Address: Vali asr street near Tajrish Bazar 


Gilak Restaurant 

Delicious food, perfect atmosphere, and friendly waiters help make this traditional Iranian restaurant a special experience. Cuisine from northern Iran is their speciality. Looking for something unique?  Try their home made tasty pickles and turshi..

Phone Number: +98 21 8803 0404

Address: 15, Parc des Princes | Kordestan Highway, Tehran 1991634367, Iran


Gilane Restaurant

Get your reservation in early, as this restaurant is extremely popular. It is located on one of the most famous and crowded streets of Tehran, and  they specialize in gilaki  food, including sour kebab.

Phone Number: +98 21 22015454

Address: Sabah Blvd. | Jordan Street, Tehran, Iran


Dizi Sara

This restaurant sits a few blocks away from many souvenir shops, making it the perfect place to stop while shopping. Prices are set, but the portions are generous. This restaurant specializes in Dizi, which is a type of lamb stew. This dish is prepared table side and has a bit of a ritualistic feel to it. The meal begins as simply water in a bowl, but as bread, lamb, beans, peas and spices are added to it, it becomes a one of a kind meal experience.

This is one of the most coveted traditional restaurants by tourists. Expect to queue for this lovely Persian meal!

Phone number: + 98 21 88810008

Address: Iranshahr shomali, Mousa Kalantari street, n#52, Tehran, Iran


Tilit Abgoosht

This restaurant serves only ab-goosht, traditional Iranian soup/stew/borscht. They know what they are doing and they do it really well. It's one of the best "abgoosht"s of Tehran and the decor is beautiful, traditional and funky and very good taste. The service is great, the only downside is that the place is a bit small and so maybe a bit crowded sometimes. And if you are going there on Friday or Thursday, do make a reservation.

This is one of the rare places where they serve Vegeterian abgoosht.

Phone number: + +98 21 33 98 46 90

Address: North Saadi, Mesbah Ave, Tehran, Iran


Restoran Mestoran

The name of the restaurant is "Restoran Mestoran", which is restaurant, and mes is copper in Persian and the reason it is used in the restaurant name is the dishes, pots and almost every piece of decoration is made of copper, in the traditional style.

They serve Persian food with a twist and we recommend the albaloo polo. Make sure you make a reservation before you go.

Phone number: +98 21 2615 1419

Address: North Saadi, Mesbah Ave, Tehran, Iran



This restaurant is located within the luxurious Sam Center shopping mall in Tehran. For a more upscale dining experience, check out this beautifully decorated restaurant featuring a wide array of nicely presented dishes and friendly staff. Divan is a high-end restaurant so expect the bill to be more expensive than other restaurants in Tehran.

Phone Number: +98 21 22653853

Address: Fayazi Blvd (Fereshteh), Sam Center | 8th floor, Tehran, Iran



For a more modern vibe, check out this Tehran restaurant with plenty of outdoor seating, and a garden themed decor. The featured cuisine is a fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. The kitchen gets very creative with food presentation, adding to the entertaining atmosphere. Reasonably priced, but definitely make a reservation.

Phone Number: +98 21 26208956

Address: 257 Golkhaneh Street | Corner Jordan Avenue, Tehran, Iran



Persian for “earth”, Zamin is perhaps the only 100% vegan eatery in Tehran. With only a handful of tables, this log cabin-esque restaurant has an extensive menu of plant-based burgers, pizza, sushi, kabob, and even traditional Persian stews – a standout is the ghormeh sabzi, a tasty recipe of various herbs and kidney beans. The small grocery section by the cashier is equipped with gluten-free crackers, quinoa, and other vegan pantry items. 

Phone Number: +98 21 8837 3924

Address: Pardisan, Shahrak Gharb



Want to eat like a local? Check out the bazaars in the city. Not only will you find a shopping spot that offers most of the things you need, you’ll also be treated to a range of Iranian foods there!

Ready to travel? Book an accommodation in Tehran now and plan your trip to create an experience that you won’t forget!